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3rd-Apr-2017 07:11 pm - WIP MEME - Pt 2
fishydotlove: ([Ohmiya] ¤ A Peek)

So this happened because work was shitty today and I was listening to Nino's song on repeat. lol. Can you imagine how sappy I was feeling? XD Anyway posting this wips so I have the motivation to actually finish them. COS IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE I WROTE ANY FANFIC AT ALL GOSH. 5 years and 50 abandoned plot bunnies later, Ohmiya exploded lol

Post a line part from each WIP you have. No context, no explanations.

You could have just said yes )

As usual, comments are highly appreciated. Tell me which one seems to work for you :D
31st-Mar-2013 06:42 pm - wip meme (because i can)
fishydotlove: (SPN : the back of an angel)
wip meme
(on towards the wips)
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