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Soooo, after years of wanting to go, I'm finally able to go to Japan next week for 2 weeks \\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶//// I'll be leaving Singapore on tuesday so tomorrow will be a busy day exchanging money and running errands. Maybe it's because it's Japan? I feel so much excitement at the moment idek D: I've never felt like this when I went Korea or other places haha.

At least it's good that I feel I've reached a level where I can ask simple questions in Japanese comfortably lol.

And ofc, I'll be going around for some arashi stuff, if anyone have any suggestion for a must-visit places (arashi related or not. Related preferably lol) I'd be really grateful.

Oh and I'll be receiving my FC card there too yay!

On a separate note, this week seems to be a mad dash for everyone mass migrating to dw. The concern has been around for years (that was the reason I created one years back) but with the new TOS it seems inevitable now.

F-list who are migrating please add me there as well:


The journal is still under maintance since I'm still importing the content from here. And I don't think I'd have time to do up a nice layout for it until after Japan (I spent 30 mins trying to do up a similar profile page there and they are STILL mis-aligned. Fml)

On another happier note, last Friday was my last day at work, and I will only start looking for another one after I come back. That means, weeks of free time catching up, downloading and finishing all the numerous fics I have lurking around my laptop. I can't wait lol. I will be migrating my fic comm to dw as well, because, well, the pr0n XD. But that needs to wait.

Those interested, don't forget to send in your request to Kizoku Tantei <3
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