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19th-Feb-2019 08:57 pm - 嵐のインデックス
fishydotlove: ([Ohmiya] ¤ Tonight's Plan)

This is basically my HDD inventory list cos I'm OCD like that. I don't want to keep accidentally downloading the same things and also because I want to standardised the episode numberings. This is based on various lists online (we-make-storm, gonindeiru, arashic-index, hatori-sachiyo, kazunari, aibakaland)

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25th-Feb-2017 07:13 pm - [2008] VS Arashi [VS嵐]
fishydotlove: ([Baccano] Rail Tracer)
[2008] VS Arashi [VS嵐]

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21st-Feb-2017 07:05 pm - [2007 – 2008] Golden Rush Arashi
fishydotlove: ([Nino])
[2007 – 2008] Golden Rush Arashi

fishydotlove: ([Nino])
[1998 – 20xx] CONCERT

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