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[1998 – 20xx] CONCERT

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I just realised that some people are still directing other to this journal with these tags for Eunhae stuff. Not that I'm still actively writing, I know I have more abandoned wips now that the number of fics I have ever posted. Well, anyway, please please go to my community [livejournal.com profile] insertin_fishy for any fan work that I have. Here is the master list of what I've written so far.
31st-Mar-2013 06:42 pm - wip meme (because i can)
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wip meme
(on towards the wips)
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"it's time to be hopeful..."

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11th-Mar-2012 05:16 pm - friends cut
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friends cut

yup. just done that. will probably add some more in a while. i'm currently renovating my journal since it's been semi inactive for a long while. please don't take it personally, though i don't think people will since they are mostly inactive journals anyway. for those who added me just to make your friends lists look longer, do me a favor and unfriend me please. it's just stupid. those who commented on my fo post and haven't been replied and added, it's probably because i don't add people who just want to read my fics. you can go here and join it instead. if i unfriended you mistakenly, please let me know. thanks.

8th-Jan-2012 02:29 am - COMMISSIONS
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I've decided to open the commission back up! You're welcome to order any portrait drawing of any person.

Step 1:
the choice of the pictures. It can be only one picture or a selection of pictures if you want to combine several elements on the drawing. Manipulated or rated photos are also welcomed. The clearer the pictures, the more lifelike the drawing will be.
Step 2:
I give you a rough draft of the portrait through email. After a 30% down payment is received, I will estimate the time needed to finish it.
Step 3:
I send you an email to let you know when I start working on the commission. Progress on the drawing will be given if you want.
Step 4:
When your drawing is completed, I send you an email with a photo to know if there are modifications to do before fixing it.
Step 5:
Once you've paid the balance due, I send you the drawing.


Depending on the drawing the price will vary from $30-$45 (shipping excluded)
All drawings will be on a plain drawing paper of either A3 or B4 and drawn with various graphite.
Samples: 01 02 03 04


You can pay your commission by:
• POSB ATM Transfer
• Paypal

For those in Singapore I can give you the finished portrait through meet ups. I will ship everywhere as long you cover the shipping postage. For those who opt for shipping, I will ship it to you in a mailing tube :D

Feel free to drop a comment or mail at: fishydotlove@windowslive.com for any enquiries.
6th-Nov-2011 11:48 am - ♛ REC POST OF AWESOMENESS
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to be added

I've finally really stumbled upon the joy that is original fictions! As much as I love fanfic (Super Junior!), original fictions give you more creative stories and plots that can't be fit around the fanfics characters. And you get to write your own fanfic of the popular ones too! lol. Some of these are A DEFINITELY MUST READ, well for me anyway :D So here they are, some awesome original as well as fanfics I've luckily found~ (warning: m/m slash)

Super Junior | Supernatural | Original Fiction

because they are just awesome )
17th-Oct-2011 09:47 pm - FUCKED UP.
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As for Super Junior, Lee Soo Man revealed, “All the other groups were on the verge of being dissolved. However, since they signed contracts with us, we had to take responsibility. So out of these groups, the group that we raised to do well both in music and variety shows was Super Junior. They put in their sweat and tears to survive [in the industry], and we felt bad [watching them] so we tried to help them.”



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