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WIP MEME - Pt 2 
3rd-Apr-2017 07:11 pm
fishydotlove: ([Ohmiya] ¤ A Peek)

So this happened because work was shitty today and I was listening to Nino's song on repeat. lol. Can you imagine how sappy I was feeling? XD Anyway posting this wips so I have the motivation to actually finish them. COS IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE I WROTE ANY FANFIC AT ALL GOSH. 5 years and 50 abandoned plot bunnies later, Ohmiya exploded lol

Post a line part from each WIP you have. No context, no explanations.

1. "Don't do this to us Satoshi," he growled. "Tell me your reasons, I'm begging you. Don't make me leave you now," whispered Nino, his eyes pleading.

"Maybe I want you to leave."

Nino took this as if he had been stabbed. He actually staggered. For a while Nino just stared at him like he was a stranger he couldn't place. Ohno then felt his fingers leaving his face gently, slowly. Ohno would later admit that Nino's expression then would have been his worst nightmare realized, but now he just stared unblinking even as Nino's face changed from horrified to anger and settled on indifference in seconds.

"I-" Nino started, clearing his throat, "I see."
He slowly stood up and turned towards the door. "I'll see you later then," he said. "Hope all this shit cleared up fast."

Ohno shrugged.

"Bye," whispered Nino.

Ohno stared as he left without looking back, mind swirling with all the emotion his face didn't show. He knew though that his heart was breaking, it sounded loud in his mind, but nowhere near as loud as the audible click of the door closing.

2. Nino rode at the back of the cart for what seemed like years. After hours of bouncing through the ride, he was exhausted, cranky and plain sleepy. Who would have thought that the feel of sand brushing against his skin would be this painful? His chapped lips kept getting dry no matter how often he licked them, pale skin now flushed red from the sun.

3. Nino sighed a breath after the sound of his front door closing. The sound large in his empty house. Lying down, staring at the ceiling and willing his mind to stop thinking, hoping, for something that was never going to be in his reach again. Maybe never was. This is what us has been reduced to, he thought depairingly. The temptation to stop was great then, but he squashed it with a fierce knowledge that Ohno was still going to come back to him. No matter what. In the midst of all uncertainties, Ohno coming back to warm his sheets at night was something he could count on. So, he squashed the torturing thought that offered his escape and grabbed his guitar instead. Strumming it lightly in the dark of his room, humming to the first notes of the songs he never dared to put on paper. They were all of longing, of hope, of heartache and then he sang and sang and sang.

If his breaths hitched or he needed breaks in between the songs to wipe at his face, nobody was ever to know.

4. Somehow Ohno always forgot how small Nino really was. For all his small stature, he made it up in his personality and sarcasm. The realisation came like a punch in the gut, even as he slide his hands under Nino's shirt.

5."What does it say that even after 15 years you're still the one I want the most? The one I expect to be with me always? The first person I want to tell stories to? The one I want to keep naked all the time?"

Ohno grinned then, the sappy smile that changed his whole face. He replied, voice hoarse, "You could have just said yes."

Nino rolled his eyes even as he ducked his head to meet the other's lips.

6. Like an addict chasing a flitting high, Ohno couldn't stop himself from coming back again and again.

As usual, comments are highly appreciated. Tell me which one seems to work for you :D
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