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27th-Feb-2017 01:56 pm - ARASHI's Audio Rips
fishydotlove: ([Ohmiya] ¤ Tonight's Plan)
Hello, I've cleaned up some of Nino's covers on Baystorm since the static noise was very annoying.

I'm planning to do the rest of the arashi's radio rips too and I'd be grateful if anyone can point me to a decent quality of them to download :D

[Baystorm] 楽園 (Rakuen) - 二宮和也 | mega
[Baystorm] PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE - 二宮和也 | mega
[Baystorm] Friendship - 二宮和也 | mega
[Baystorm] Orion - 二宮和也 | mega
[Baystorm] Aino Arika - 二宮和也 | mega (edit:v2)

[Extra Storm in Winter '06' 2006 x お年玉/嵐 = 3104円] PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE - 大野智 | mega

I'm not going to put passwords on those links, but please do not re-share them.
Comment if you need re-upload and I'll get to them asap.
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